International Water Front Homes – For Sale

There are so many magnificent places in the world by the sea that it can have your mouth water just to think of some of them: Monaco, Ireland, South Africa, Thailand, Acapulco, Australia, and so many more. But in fact purchasing a waterfront home overseas takes a lot of preparation and some hard work and difficult decision-making.

You have to consider the needs of your family and be sure that all are on board with the decision to that new place, also you have to make sure that all your children will be able to manage the new customs and language without getting homesick. There can be a good test for purchasing a new home. Perhaps your children’s friends might be able to see them during vacation and vice versa, or perhaps they will be able to stay with friends in the United States once in a while. Well, with Facebook and Twitter they can always be in touch.

You need to select a real estate agent and lawyer who are natives to the country where you are planning to buy a home so they can advise you as how to go about buying a property. The process can vary wildly from country to country.

A few countries-Switzerland is a famous example-will not permit any foreigners to buy property outright, and so you’ll have to lease. Some countries may give you the title to a home but if a nation is unstable politically and economically then this title could perhaps be revoked at some point maybe in the future. Try to take a stable country that extends strong rights and robust protection to foreigners who own a property.

Also, your real estate agent or lawyer might prompt you to give a little monetary gift (in other words a bribe) to a local official or governing board in order to expedite the waterfront realty home-buying process. While this might surprise or shock you to discover, in many countries this is a perfectly legal practice, and it will help you out a good deal.

The U.S. State Department has a website,, where you can check out the various countries statistics and see how “safe” each country is. You can examine rates of crime, political information, and all the sort of facts on this site. During decision-making this will help as to what nation you will eventually buy a waterfront home in.

After that you can then visit to (the website for the International Consortium of Real Estate Agents, which is a terrific resource for finding a qualified and licensed real estate agent) and you can then start creating a list of real estate agents in your chosen nation. Once you get going, it’ll be easy for you to envision yourself in that beautiful international luxury home for saleby the sea.

How To Keep Your Car Sparkling Clean Using Only A Cup or 2 Of Water!

This was the objective of a demonstration of the power of Super Dry Steam Cleaning to clean the exterior of vehicles no matter how dusty or even coated with thick grime and dirt, using VERY LITTLE WATER and NO CHEMICALS in the process!

I was present with a group that also comprised several MTA senior staff and representatives of Sydney Water where we witnessed the extraordinary ability of HealthyWays super dry steam cleaning machine to not only clean but produce a gleaming finish on motor vehicles whilst dramatically reducing water used in the process and without chemicals usage.

The vehicle selected for the demo a near new silver Lexus, generously coated with several weeks of road grime. HealthyWays Pty Ltd is a partner with Polti the European manufacturer of this range of Dry steam and vacuum combination equipment in marketing to Australia and New Zealand technology which has been developed and proven in Europe for many years

For the purpose of this exercise the HealthyWays demonstrator deliberately chose to use the smallest unit in the Polti range, a light weight extremely portable unit normally sold to homes, leave the vacuum off and uses a small square of toweling (approx 500 by 500) with the steam gun in one hand and the towel in the other in order show just how little water was used in the process.

Starting on the top of the car and working all the way over and down to finish on the vehicles grimiest parts [the front spoke wheels] using only this one cloth. A the conclusion it was damp but not one drop of water could be wrung out, even by the Sydney Water representatives [obviously saving money on water bills]

An incredible result – The Lexus was gleaming and, at the most, only a couple of

cupfuls of water had been expended and no chemicals used!

Most importantly the desired outcome was achieved. The Sydney Water representatives agreed this machine and method of cleaning [dry steam] fell outside the restrictions and is allowed to be used on a daily basis whenever MTA members required.

Not only can this HealthyWays range of Polti dry steam cleaning and vacuum units clean the exteriors, engines and under the bonnet, but is equally brilliant on interiors to restore seats, carpets, upholstery, head linings etc cleaning and deodorizing (particularly cigarette and other odors), but at the temperature used it kills bacteria, mould spores and virus deposits on contact, thus sanitizing every surface it touches

Even more, with the full range of attachments that come with each unit in the range all cleaning and sanitizing requirements other than vehicles seem to be very effectively handled – showrooms floors, furniture and furnishings, toilet areas, windows etc and even tools and equipment.

All these are areas where sanitising cleaning is particularly important for OH and S and Duty of Care requirements

Perhaps the final commendation for these machines, apparently Mercedes Benz in Europe has signed up to take one particular unit in stainless steel [to match their most popular vehicle color] and carrying the MB logo on the sides for their dealers

The primary purpose of this demo was to convince the water authorities of a legally acceptable and socially responsible method of maintaining the appearance of vehicles and one which would reflect very favorably upon MTA members.

The full range of advantages and benefits which are only obtainable utilizing these steam and vacuum machines are best demonstrated direct to MTA members premises please contact HealthyWays for more information

Yang Water Dragon 2012-13 – Fortunes of the 12-Animal Signs

The Chinese Calendar’s current 12-Year 12-Animal Cycle runs from 2008-20, as follows:

2008 Rat, 2009 Ox, 2010 Tiger, 2011 Rabbit/Hare, 2012 Dragon, 2013 Snake, 2014 Horse, 2015 Sheep, 2016 Monkey, 2017 Rooster/Chicken, 2018 Dog, 2019-20 Pig.

Earlier Dragon Years

2012-13 is a Yang Water Dragon-Year. Previous Dragon-Year/’Lung Nien’ was Yin Metal Dragon-Year 2000, Millennium Year!. Some of you may remember the celebrations, awards, excitement and ‘buzz’ accompanying our Vibrant Visitor then. Yang Metal Dragon Year 1988, however, saw the mid-air explosion of Pan Am Flight 103, the ‘Lockerbie Bombing’, whose repercussions are still evolving.

Dragon Year Details!

My greatly esteemed teacher, Grandmaster Yap Leong (‘Leong’ is Cantonese for ‘Lung’/Dragon) says China, the Great Dragon, is always active and full of surprises in Dragon Years. So watch out for these, they are usually pleasant ones! The maxim runs:’The Dragon (China) changes shape quickly, taking those unprepared by surprise!’ Anyway, the Chinese will be here in the U.K. for the Olympics.

Thus, Dragon Years are usually volatile visitors! Personally, it may seem like your good and bad traits are magnified. Issues may swing to-and-fro and so caution is required to avoid being carried-away by events’ However, the Dragon, associated with ‘Spirit’, is an auspicious Year for those Martial Artists and others ‘attuned’ to its energies. Idealism and flexibility may prove useful qualities over the period.

Yang Water (the Year Element) symbolises Wealth (consider Current Accounts, cash-flow,’floatation’, liquidity) and also Communication (word-flow, stream of consciousness, rivers of words).’Big’ Water representatives include: Oceans, Seas; the Yangtze River (aka the ‘Chang Jiang’ or ‘Long River’) the world’s biggest, and Multi-national Communications Businesses,. These could all be classified under ‘Big Water’, so watch out for developments in related fields(1).

Fortunes of the 12-Animals for Yang Water Dragon Year 2012-13

Dragon Year Fortunes 2012-13

Dragon in Dragon Year

This should be a good year overall, especially if arguments are avoided. Control your money-making urges and good prospects should manifest on the career and financial fronts.

Spring and Autumn are your best times this year-your summer may prove disappointing. December requires extra vigilance regarding your home and possessions.

Rat in Dragon Year

There are excellent career and financial prospects for Rats this year. Rats born in 1960 should prove particularly fortunate during this period in most of their endeavours.

Those Rats in employment may enjoy a change of scene. There is a strong possibility of a meaningful relationship developing around November/December time.

Ox in The Dragon Year

Ox feet should remain firmly planted on the ground this year and a degree of caution exercised throughout. Swinging this-way- and-that and with potential ups-and-downs also, Ox finances need careful managing, and all contracts should be meticulously scrutinised before signing.

Caution is also the keyword in relationship terms this year for both married and single Oxen.

Tiger in the Dragon Year

Avoid lending-out money or underwriting the financial transactions of others and this could be a good year, financially and overall.

If arguments and disputes arise from romantic entanglements, Tigers may need to demonstrate self-control this year. Overwork (1960 Tigers especially) and domestic accidents are ongoing concerns throughout the year.

Rabbit in Dragon Year

Rabbits can expect good news from within the family. Rising income and expenditure accompany each other-saving is a good idea this year.

Mood-swings may occur from time-to-time, positive thinking may moderate negative influences. Spring and Summer are your best times of Year, but watch out for unnecessary expenditure in Winter.

Snake in Dragon Year

You may find obstacles in your path this year that thwart your chances of success and hold you back in certain fields, particularly on the work front.

In terms of love and romance, however, this could prove a fortunate year indeed. Sickness or injury could occur in Spring or early Summer.

Horse in the Dragon Year

To prevent this year being a disappointing one, be assertive. Avoid excess, act decisively but also rationally as the occasion demands.

Spring and Summer are your best times this year-make the most of them and prepare for the Autumn and Winter when your luck may not be as good.

Goat/Sheep in Dragon Year

Be patient as conflicts and reverses may thwart this year’s plans-legal and occupational set-backs, especially. Control your temper, be diplomatic and think before speaking. As Goats’ Financial prospects are poor this year, avoid gambling and speculation. and practice relaxation.

This is not a good year for Goat romance, rather you should practice positive-thinking and be creative.

Monkey in Dragon Year

Certain difficulties will arise for the ‘Great Sage'(1) this year but Monkey ‘Magic’ i.e. ‘Luck’ should be enough to cope. Avoid greed and speculation (especially in Summer and Autumn) and financial mishaps can be prevented.

Romance, for Monkey Males this year is a non-starter conversely, for Female Monkeys it’s an auspicious and promising time indeed.

Rooster/Chicken in Dragon Year

This is a fortunate year for Roosters/Chickens on the health, finance and occupational fronts. Take especial care in decision-making in Autumn and Winter and you may avoid losing money.

A year of difficulties, where romance is concerned, don’t go overboard in relationships as these will typically be short-term.

Dog in Dragon Year

Make no bones about it, there may be hard times ahead towards the end of the year. Use Spring and Summer’s surplus to even things out, in anticipation. Poor financial prospects towards the end of the year-avoid gambling and speculation throughout.

Tolerance and patience will be necessary for Dogs this Year on the romance and relationships front.

Pig in Dragon Year

Promising ‘Piggy Bank’ period! Pig ventures should prosper in the forthcoming year, although those of a speculative nature should be avoided.

Events should progress smoothly for Pigs this year, particularly where romance and relationships are indicated.


(1) ‘Chinese Qigong: 5 Elements, Pentagram and Pentagon Originals!’ analyses their dynamic interaction with the 12-Animals of the ‘Ghanzi’ Cycle.