Feng Shui Outdoor Water Fountains and Prosperity

A few years ago on Mother’s Day, one of my clients received a beautiful outdoor fountain as a gift from her son and husband. They placed it in the front yard so they could all enjoy it as they came and went. The following November she made another appointment with me to come back to the house because her husband was having problems at work and it was getting worse and worse. I arrived on a Saturday. He had been fired the day before. The reason for his dismissal didn’t have anything to do with his abilities or value to the company, in fact, the head of the company held him in high regard. He had been arguing with his immediate supervisor for months and when the head of the company went on vacation, the supervisor fired my client’s husband. Sneaky, sneaky. The whole thing happened because the fountain was placed in the wrong spot. My client was excited about her gift and never thought it could create any problems so she didn’t think to check about the right spot to place it. They just put it where they could enjoy it the most. That’s what most people do with outdoor fountains.

Feng shui practitioners who use a compass will typically place fountains or other moving water features in the north, southeast or east of a home or office. Even that isn’t a safe bet. Moving water is an “activator” and you need to be careful where you put it. Moving water on the OUTSIDE of a building activates the flying star energy pattern INSIDE the building in the compass section it is adjacent to. If the energy pattern is positive, then the fountain will enhance that positive energy. If the energy pattern is negative, the fountain will make it worse. My clients placed their fountain next to a compass section with a negative energy pattern and that’s when the problems at work began for my client’s husband. The exterior fountain was activating a 3 water star inside the house – a star known for arguments and legal issues. The arguing with the supervisor began when the fountain was placed in the yard.

Flying star energy patterns are determined by the year a building is built and the compass degree it faces. My book Creating A Haven: Simple Steps For A Healthy And Nurturing Home has the flying star energy patterns for every building built between 1924 and 2024 so you can easily find out how the energy patterns are affecting you in your home or office. Whenever you try any feng shui technique, such as adding a water feature for prosperity, write down when you applied it and what it was supposed to do. Then you can check your notes later and see what kind of results you got.