How To Keep Your Car Sparkling Clean Using Only A Cup or 2 Of Water!

This was the objective of a demonstration of the power of Super Dry Steam Cleaning to clean the exterior of vehicles no matter how dusty or even coated with thick grime and dirt, using VERY LITTLE WATER and NO CHEMICALS in the process!

I was present with a group that also comprised several MTA senior staff and representatives of Sydney Water where we witnessed the extraordinary ability of HealthyWays super dry steam cleaning machine to not only clean but produce a gleaming finish on motor vehicles whilst dramatically reducing water used in the process and without chemicals usage.

The vehicle selected for the demo a near new silver Lexus, generously coated with several weeks of road grime. HealthyWays Pty Ltd is a partner with Polti the European manufacturer of this range of Dry steam and vacuum combination equipment in marketing to Australia and New Zealand technology which has been developed and proven in Europe for many years

For the purpose of this exercise the HealthyWays demonstrator deliberately chose to use the smallest unit in the Polti range, a light weight extremely portable unit normally sold to homes, leave the vacuum off and uses a small square of toweling (approx 500 by 500) with the steam gun in one hand and the towel in the other in order show just how little water was used in the process.

Starting on the top of the car and working all the way over and down to finish on the vehicles grimiest parts [the front spoke wheels] using only this one cloth. A the conclusion it was damp but not one drop of water could be wrung out, even by the Sydney Water representatives [obviously saving money on water bills]

An incredible result – The Lexus was gleaming and, at the most, only a couple of

cupfuls of water had been expended and no chemicals used!

Most importantly the desired outcome was achieved. The Sydney Water representatives agreed this machine and method of cleaning [dry steam] fell outside the restrictions and is allowed to be used on a daily basis whenever MTA members required.

Not only can this HealthyWays range of Polti dry steam cleaning and vacuum units clean the exteriors, engines and under the bonnet, but is equally brilliant on interiors to restore seats, carpets, upholstery, head linings etc cleaning and deodorizing (particularly cigarette and other odors), but at the temperature used it kills bacteria, mould spores and virus deposits on contact, thus sanitizing every surface it touches

Even more, with the full range of attachments that come with each unit in the range all cleaning and sanitizing requirements other than vehicles seem to be very effectively handled – showrooms floors, furniture and furnishings, toilet areas, windows etc and even tools and equipment.

All these are areas where sanitising cleaning is particularly important for OH and S and Duty of Care requirements

Perhaps the final commendation for these machines, apparently Mercedes Benz in Europe has signed up to take one particular unit in stainless steel [to match their most popular vehicle color] and carrying the MB logo on the sides for their dealers

The primary purpose of this demo was to convince the water authorities of a legally acceptable and socially responsible method of maintaining the appearance of vehicles and one which would reflect very favorably upon MTA members.

The full range of advantages and benefits which are only obtainable utilizing these steam and vacuum machines are best demonstrated direct to MTA members premises please contact HealthyWays for more information