International Water Front Homes – For Sale

There are so many magnificent places in the world by the sea that it can have your mouth water just to think of some of them: Monaco, Ireland, South Africa, Thailand, Acapulco, Australia, and so many more. But in fact purchasing a waterfront home overseas takes a lot of preparation and some hard work and difficult decision-making.

You have to consider the needs of your family and be sure that all are on board with the decision to that new place, also you have to make sure that all your children will be able to manage the new customs and language without getting homesick. There can be a good test for purchasing a new home. Perhaps your children’s friends might be able to see them during vacation and vice versa, or perhaps they will be able to stay with friends in the United States once in a while. Well, with Facebook and Twitter they can always be in touch.

You need to select a real estate agent and lawyer who are natives to the country where you are planning to buy a home so they can advise you as how to go about buying a property. The process can vary wildly from country to country.

A few countries-Switzerland is a famous example-will not permit any foreigners to buy property outright, and so you’ll have to lease. Some countries may give you the title to a home but if a nation is unstable politically and economically then this title could perhaps be revoked at some point maybe in the future. Try to take a stable country that extends strong rights and robust protection to foreigners who own a property.

Also, your real estate agent or lawyer might prompt you to give a little monetary gift (in other words a bribe) to a local official or governing board in order to expedite the waterfront realty home-buying process. While this might surprise or shock you to discover, in many countries this is a perfectly legal practice, and it will help you out a good deal.

The U.S. State Department has a website,, where you can check out the various countries statistics and see how “safe” each country is. You can examine rates of crime, political information, and all the sort of facts on this site. During decision-making this will help as to what nation you will eventually buy a waterfront home in.

After that you can then visit to (the website for the International Consortium of Real Estate Agents, which is a terrific resource for finding a qualified and licensed real estate agent) and you can then start creating a list of real estate agents in your chosen nation. Once you get going, it’ll be easy for you to envision yourself in that beautiful international luxury home for saleby the sea.