Is There Really a Pre-Paid Legal Services Hustle Out There?

There are so many home business’s out there, it’s impossible to keep count. They seem to be popping up all the time these days. I certainly can tell you that there are many, many scams out there and people just phishing for your money.

Pre-Paid Legal has not escaped the criticism that almost every home business has had to endure at one time or another. Some out there seem to think there is a Pre-Paid Legal services scam just waiting to happen to them! Well, I really wanted to get to the bottom of this company and see what the fuss is all about.

The Pre-Paid Legal company has been around for over over 20 years. It is a publicly traded company. Members pay a monthly fee which varies based on how much coverage they desire. This membership gives you access to a lawyer on a number of different issues. Situations can vary from representation in a minor traffic citation, all the way to the presence of an attorney if you should ever been audited by the IRS.

The product which is their memberships are sold through network or multi-level marketing. Don’t be scared! These aren’t the days of old. Network marketing is has been embraced by such people as Donald Trump, who himself has started his own network marketing company. Do you think he researched the industry before he decided to jump in? You bet!

Now, if you clicked on this article looking to find a Pre-Paid Legal services scam, sorry to disappoint you. While network marketing certainly isn’t for everyone, Pre-Paid Legal in my opinion seems to be a stand up company. They offer attorney services that the average person just can’t afford.

We all know that we live in a world where the justice you receive is in perfect sync with how much money you have. With Pre-Paid Legal’s lowest membership price, coverage can be had for as little as $17 a month.

We all make decisions in life. No matter if we want to be employees and be told what to do and when to do it or set out on our own and blaze a new path. There are inherent risks in each. Personally, I have chosen the path of entrepreneurship. Only for the simple fact of while comfortable at the moment, a J.O.B. can be cut at any moment.

This is a business of promotion and marketing filled with people who know NOTHING about promotion and Marketing. That’s a problem. Forget what your upline tells you about bugging you friends and family until people join you business only because they feel sorry for you. Buying lead? Cold calling? Forget it! Nobody likes doing that and your upline knows that.

The average person signs up roughly 2 people in their network marketing career and your upline knows this. See, the big players in this business know the numbers and the fact that you will probably quit. What they don’t tell you is that they want you to grab the closest people to you while you are still excited about your new venture.

Basically, they know you are a sinking ship so they want to pile on as many people on the boat as they can, before you sink. They don’t tell you that at those friendly home meetings or the big conventions do they?

This, like any other business is a business of skill. They more skills you master the more successful you will be. Period. Hassling aunt Edna into joining your business isn’t a skill. Well, maybe it is… It’s just not one that’s going to make you any money! If you want to be make money in this or any other business, find a skill you want to learn and become a master at it. Then move onto another skill.

It’s no mystery that anyone who works in front of a computer should be looking over their shoulder these days. There’s an army of people in third world countries such as India and Philippines who can do the job just as well as anyone in the western world, if not better! They don’t complain, they’re willing to work much longer hours than most people, and do it for a fraction of the price. The major corporations have already made their decision. It’s not the future, it’s the now!

We all make our own decisions in life and for me, I choose to take life into my own hands. Personally I would rather burn on my own than drown with my head being held under water. I don’t know about you…

Whether it’s the Pre-Paid Legal services or The Trump Network are right for you is a personal decision. Just be sure to do your due diligence and do what is right for you and your family.